Welcome to Shinzi Network!!! A new innovative token looking to change the crypto sphere with a brand new Layer One Blockchain + Metaverse currently under development by a well known cryptocurrency Influencer/Developer. Shinzi Network is a major step forward in Blockchain Technology offering, high speed, low fees, private transactions and an unruggable dex. Accompanied by a exchange / crypto research and monitoring website that will compete with some of the well known names you guys all know and love in this crypto space. This is an opportunity to be at the beginning of something huge. Imagine being one of the first holders of BNB or SOL, this could be you with Shinzi. This community is growing and has bin organic no bots no fake members. As a bonus, this team has decided they will be including real estate into their blockchain/metaverse on top of an NFT exchange/platform and multiple other utilities.
50K MCAP currently & paid marketing has not even started yet. Once this team feels the time is right, they will be having a HUGE marketing campaign with daily marketing pushes and giveaways. L1 Blockchain is currently under development.
Shinzi network was Stealth Launched giving everyone the opportunity to invest in a new project at a low market cap. We have strong holders who are holding the floor and will be pushing this long term project with us.
We hope to create a community of like-minded individuals to grow together with the purpose of acquiring new riches that await us in the future. We don't wish to be priced on hype, but rather based on the merits and achievements of this token in the project’s lifespan.


  • Token nameSHINZI
  • Buy Tax- 0% (Will be reduced at a higher market cap)
  • Sell Tax – 25%(Will be reduced at a higher market cap)
  • MAX WALLET2% of the Supply (2 Million Tokens)
  • Total Supply10,000,000,000
Contract Address


Phase 1: 2022
  • Shinzi Network Stealth Launch On Binance Smart Chain Network
  • Community Giveaways & +200Holders
  • LLC + KYC & Audit / Publish Website + Whitepaper
  • Build International Communities / Social Media / Telegram
  • Crypto Moonshots Top Subreddit Trending
Q3: 2022
  • Apply On Cryptocurrency Voting Websites
  • 1,000 Telegram Members (Main)
  • +500Holders & 150K Market Cap
  • Team Doxxing (AMA)
Phase 2: 2022
  • Complete Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap Application
  • Preview New Blockchain / Exchange Ecosystem
  • Expand Marketing Campaign With Cryptocurrency Social Media Influencers / Advertisements and More Community shilling / Incentives Giveaways
  • 1,500 Telegram Members & Begin Application Development
  • Shinzi Multi-Chain (Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana etc.)
Phase 3: 2022
  • 2000 Twitter Followers
  • Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko Listing
  • Shinzi Network Published (Layer 1 Blockchain / Crypto Asset monitoring / Notification Platform / Exchange & Many Other Utilities)

How to buy $SHINZI?

Download Metamask

Download Metamask as a web browser extension or mobile app for free.

Add BSC Network

Click here and automatically add BSC network to your Metamask wallet.


Use Binance or another exchange to buy BNB and send it to your Metamask wallet address.


Go to Pancakeswap exchange and connect your Metamask Wallet. Head to the exchange page and enter $SHINZI contract address.

Features & Upcoming

Automatic rewards

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Each holder of SHINZI Token is eligible to automatically receive a redistribution reward from the reward pool. The contract uses a portion of the tax applied to every transaction (3%) to do this.

Gift shop

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Gift Shop is an excellent feature for ShinziNetwork users. The creator of ShinziNetwork works tirelessly to provide the best content to their fans. They require some gratitude from their fans. Gift Shop is there for the fans and creators. Fans can buy gifts from the gift shop, gifts such as flowers, lingerie, and chocolate, and con send them to their fav creator.

Decetralized content sharing

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The ShinziNetwork platform permits creators and fans to earn rewards by processing content into various data streams. ShinziNetwork users can share their content without worrying about governance authority like Onlyfan. This decentralized economy for the streaming industry creates a digital market that will transform the ways creators and fans interact. ShinziNetwork is a decentralized platform, which is why crypto was developed in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

ShinziNetwork tokens are for purchasing good and services on our platform such ShinziNetwork but not limited to it
The ShinziNetwork tokens have 2 fees on each buy sell trade, and it is 4%. 2% goes back to liqudity pool and 2% are redistributed as BNB to all holders.
ShinziNetwork token will start as fairlaunch on this link
The platform is currently being built and will be an ongoing process as new markets emerge but we will have an available version within the next few weeks.

Shinzi Network Team

DB Shinzi

Social Media Marketing


ShinziNetwork Owner


ShinziNetwork Webdesigner

The Shilling Queen

Marketing Manager